YUNG BOD: How a C Section Mama's New Creation is Helping Other C Section Mums

YUNG BOD: How a C Section Mama's New Creation is Helping Other C Section Mums

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After trying every skin cream she could get her hands on, this mum and skincare expert decided to make her own products.

When skincare professional and new mum Kristy Young noticed some strange after effects of her c-section, such as back pain, interstitial cystitis, scar was burning and tingling, she set out to find something to help with the pain. When Kristy was unable to find something suitable and safe, she put her Bachelor degree in Dermal Science to work instead.

Kristy’s YUNG BOD C-Section products include the C-section mama cream, the c-section rock'n'roller, and c-section silicone strips and are the result of her own experience with the healing process, science degree, passion and interest for skincare and a lot of trial and error into what worked and what didn’t.

YUNG BOD is Australian owned and made. Using only naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients and a science based approach, the cream, roller and strips are designed to alleviate some of those painful symptoms. Plus, YUNG BOD is safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, making them ideal for any stage of motherhood.

Perth Mums! Use code FACEBOOK15 for 15% off YUNG BOD. Order at the website today and see and feel the difference for yourself.

Before and after using YUNG BOD C-Section Rock N Roller and C-Section Mama Cream.

  • About the C-Section Mama Cream

  • The YUNG BOD C-Section Mama Cream is a skincare product created specifically for your post-delivery skin and scar area. It contains a blend of evidence-backed ingredients to comfort your C-section skin and improve the appearance of this sensitive area.

    The cream came after the roller and was formulated largely as a result of Kristy’s propensity to hypertrophy and hyper-pigment. She needed to find the right mix of ingredients to soothe, moisturise, rebuild and also lighten and help relieve the pliability of the area.

    Just some of the research involved includes peer review journals, buying every scar product available, reading feedback on what people did and didn’t like and making improvements, plus a focus group and lots of trial and error around creating a cream as a balm, oil or salve as they are messy and impractical.

    Main ingredients in Cream:

  • Onion Extract - while it sounds strange, onion extract does wonders for a smooth, soft feeling to your scarred skin. But don’t worry, you won’t smell like onions!
  • Allantoin - works well with the onion extract and is similar to retinol (vitamin A) but of course, is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also has an exfoliating effect on your skin to help speed up the process and improve the overall appearance of your scar. Is similar to Immortelle flower extract, which has also been included in the cream, and naturally boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic properties for a combination powerhouse!
  • The ‘Bs’ – niacin-amide encourages an even, brighter look to your skin tone, while panthenol assists with hydration to support a healthy skin barrier.
  • Purple passionflower seed oil - loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C to contribute to smooth-looking skin.
  • Moisturising and nourishing vitamin E, cocoa butter, jojoba seed oil, and rose hip seed oil, plus biotin to support healthy-looking skin.

  • About the C-Section Rock N Roller

  • Did you know that one in four women will give birth via C-section in the public health setting, with that figure rising to one in three in private health? Yet, there is very little care provided to the scar itself afterwards, or the symptoms Kristy faced after the procedure.

    Some women are also turned off by their bodies or may even feel judgement from a society that places a huge focus on ‘natural birth’, leading to many not even wanting to touch their scar. The C-Section Rock N Roller is designed specifically to help women identify with their bodies again after a C-section, de-sensitising the area without skin-to-skin contact.

    Although not primarily formulated for aesthetics reasons, Kristy has found the roller does help ease the severity of the scar.

    The amethyst purple head of the roller helps the lymphatic system drain the excess fluid from swelling, or oedema, by moving the roller into the lymph nodes direction. The stainless-steel end aides in breaking down collagen. When elastin tries to reform it does so in a chaotic manner with potential for adhesions to occur and pulling of the area.

    The C-Section Rock N Roller it also aids with topical absorption of the C-Section Mama Cream, which you can read more about below.

  • About the C-Section Silicone Strips

  • YUNG BOD's NEW silicone strips are used for improving the appearance and textures of scars, and are often recommended by healthcare professionals and labelled as the ‘gold standard’ of scar treatment.

    These silicone strips work by creating a physical barrier between your fragile new skin and the world, while promoting moisture retention. This contributes to a smoother, softer, and less noticeable scar appearance.

    There are very few risks associated with applying silicone strips topically, as its non-invasive, safe to use while breastfeeding, and suitable for all skin types.

    The strip provides the slightest amount of pressure to your scar for enhanced protection and moisture retention.

    They can be worn all day every day, to continually minimise the appearance of your scar.

    They’re ultra-thin, flexible, durable, and soft, so you won’t notice you’re wearing it.

    Kristy and her family.

    If you are struggling with pain after a C-Section, YUNG BOD could be the natural, science-based product you are looking for. It’s tried, tested and made for C-section mamas everywhere.

    Don’t forget your discount code. Use FACEBOOK15 for 15% off YUNG BOD . To learn more or order, check out the website or you can follow YUNG BOD on Instagram or Facebook .

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