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Your Mother Was Right - Wives Tales That Really Work

by Maggie Joy (follow)
Leader of the pack to seven children, one man child husband, two dogs, four cats and two birds. Creator of The Reverse Housewife www.facebook.com/TheReverseHousewife/ . Writer at WeekendNotes. Blogger. Chocolate connoisseur.
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October 2016

Before the days of modern medicine it wasnít unheard of for a family to fall back on the advice of their matriarchs. Old school notions and potions were passed down family lines as though they were valuable heirlooms.

As today's families question the functionality and effectiveness of modern medicine, many are now looking back in time for answers.

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Nothing can be more disturbing to a good nightís sleep than a barking cough. Cough medicine from your chemist is the most popular remedy, however, if you suddenly find yourself at midnight with a sick little one clinging to you because coughing bouts have woken them then try grannyís trick of wiping the souls of their feet with some Vicks and popping socks on over it. While science has never been able to prove it to be true in regards to the how and why, it has been seen in examined cases that it did work.

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An apple a day will keep the doctor away. Apples not only contain essential vitamins, they also contain cancer fighting agents. In this carcinogenic age, where questions are raised about almost everything that we do or could possibly be in contact with, any kind of anti-cancer boosting vitamins that we can pump through our system are only going to be advantageous. Right?

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Chicken soup is good for the soul. It really does help drive that flu or cold away. Packed with vegetables, it gives your immune system a much needed boost. Your mum knew exactly what she was doing here. Best of all, blended the right way, there is no reason any little eyes should see vegetable chunks, making it a lot easier to swallow. Check out an easy chicken soup 'for the soul' recipe here.

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Remember when your mother told you that eating your carrots are good for your eyesight? Turns out she was right. All those times you shuffled them to the side of your plate when you thought she wasnít watching meant that you missed out on some valuable vitamin A, an essential vitamin in maintaining your eye health. Stay safe in the knowledge parents, that lecturing your little one on the benefits of eating their carrots really is for their own good.

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How many times did you dodge the fish oil as a youngster? Turns out mum was right again and fish oil boosts your brain power thanks to omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are critical for brain development. Thankfully these days there is no bitter capsule or liquid to try and choke down. Much to the delight of many parents, modern companies now market child friendly vitamins with enough flavour to mask the noxious fish oil taste.

As children we tend to think that our mothers and grandmothers were a bit fuddy duddy in their methods, but thanks to modern science it turns out we didnít give them nearly enough credit. Lesson of the day: listen to your elders!

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