Where To Sell Unwanted Kids And Maternity Items Online

August 2016

Having children means having stuff – oodles and oodles of stuff that seems to burst out of every crevice of the home. From clothes and toys, to maternity wear and furniture, and from books to bedding and feeding accessories, stuff soon adds up.

As soon as you announce you’re having a baby, things just appear from nowhere. A steady stream of stuff will flow your way for months, probably years, to come.

Before you know it, the kids have outgrown said stuff and you’re left with piles of things you have no idea what to do with.

Once you are 100 per cent sure you do not want any more children, you could consider selling all the unwanted items online. It’s a great way to make some extra money and create some space around the home. Here are some ways and means to sell your unwanted things online.

Baby clothes, anyone?

Unless you’ve been living off the grid since, well, forever, you will have heard of the online selling juggernaut that is eBay. You can sell just about anything on this site, but be aware that selling on eBay attracts fees for each month that you have items listed, so be prepared to pay to sell your things.

If you have what eBay calls ‘medical items’ – such as a breast pump, used or otherwise, hold onto the box as eBay won’t allow you to sell it without packaging. Despite this, eBay is a great place to offload bulk maternity wear and baby clothes, as well as excess and unused baby bottles and feeding items as they are small enough to post.

Gumtree is great for selling second-hand toys, jumperoos and walkers, which are usually too bulky to send via post. Depending on their condition, you might get around $20-$30 for a walker and $50 for a jumperoo. It’s not massive money but it’s better in your pocket and you get some precious space back around the home.

Second hand baby walkers are a big ticket items on Gumtree.

Online buy, swap and sell pages, such as Facebook groups, are another great means for selling unwanted toys and bulky items. You can join groups in your local area, so that saves on having to organise postage and it’s not too far for potential buyers to travel to view items. I bought a second hand jogging pram on one of these sites last year because the seller lived close by and the deal was done within the afternoon. These pages are also great for selling toys, clothes and large nursery items.

The Trading Post is another site for buying and selling and is free to list if you don’t have a Facebook page or Gumtree account. If you have unwanted high chairs, prams, cots and other nursery items, this could be your place to go.

Seriously. What do you do with it all?

Remember when The Quokka was the best place to buy and sell things, when the weekly edition came out every Thursday? The Quokka is still a great way to sell, but it has moved online. They also have an app for added convenience.

Your unwanted stuff could soon become much wanted cash, so get online and get selling.

Of course, if you can't be bothered or the items are too small to sell and you are happy to give things away, then the Facebook Buy Nothing Groups are a brilliant and local way to freecycle in your own community.


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