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What Baby Names are Trendy Right Now?

by Sharon V (follow)
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I'm one of the forty thousand or so parents who entered their baby into the Bonds Baby Search this year. For those that don't know it, it's a competition for babies who are aged three or under and who were born on or after first April 2013.

Winners will have the chance to star in an upcoming Bonds Baby Photo Shoot that will appear in a Bonds TV or billboard campaign.

I entered it last year as well, when my daughter was the only one with her name.

Gratuitous picture of my daughter's Bonds Baby Entry
Gratuitous picture of my daughter's Bonds Baby Entry

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This year, there were five other Nevadas, which got me wondering about other geographically inspired names that people were choosing for their kids in 2016.

I found 99 Georgias, 92 Brooklyns, 82 Indianas, 47 Indias, 29 Dakotas, 19 Londons, 16 called Memphis, 11 Montanas, nine named Paris, three monikered Miami, two titled Tennessee, but only one each of Virginia, Vienna, and Venice.

Closer to home, I discovered there were 27 Victorias, 10 of whom actually live in Victoria.

Of the 10 Sydneys, only four live in New South Wales, whereas merely one of the 13 Adelaide's reside in South Australia.

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No-one was named Perth thankfully!

You may have read the 2016 Bogan Baby Names released recently.

I didn't find many entered into the Bonds Competition. Of the ten boys' names, only three featured. There were 11 Aryans (but they did all look like they might be Iranian, where the name means "warrior"), four Blades and five Izaaks.

I didn't find any Daxons, but there were five called Dax and one called Daxton. Not a single Jathon, although there was one Jathan. No Khodii, but there were four Khoders, one Khoda, one Khody and one Khodie.

Macsen wasn’t entered, but 2 were called Macen and another two called Mace.

Mace: Maybe the parents are really into Star Wars... or pepper spray

No Brogans, Zabryns, or J'Zaidyns. But I did find three names which probably could have ended up on the Bogan Baby Names list… Krome, XZaviah, and Dacward. Seriously.

Disappointingly, there were very few Bogan girls' names featured. No entries for: Beautiful, Cheryldine, D'nyell, Enivid, Kyly, McKyla, Truely or Younique. And there were only two Braelyns and two Evers. There were 52 Nevaehs though. So that really is a thing.

For the visual people, I did a quick analysis of names by letter, and broke the numbers down by gender.

Graph of Names by Letter and Gender

Interesting stats according to the Bond’s Baby Name Search (correct at the time I grabbed the data):

If your name begins with an I, there’s an 80% chance you’ll be a girl.

If you name begins with J, U or X, there’s an 85% chance you’ll be a boy.

Over a third of all babies’ names begin with A, M, L or J. Less than 2% begin with V, X, Q, Y, or U.

Only nine babies’ names began with the letter U, out of 40,434 entries.

The number one most popular baby name in Australia in 2015, Oliver and Olivia, make up 55% and 77% of the letter O for boys and girls respectively. There were 418 Oliver's entered compared to 269 Olivia's.

Speaking of popular names, I went to school with four girls called Clair or Claire, just in my year. As you'd expect with the cyclical popularity of names, many names that were common among my peers are now not popular at all. Only 26 girls called Clair or Claire, and 22 Sarah's have been entered into the Bonds Baby Search.

Or could it be that the more unusual the name, the more likely the parent to enter their child into the Bonds Baby Search?

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