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Parenting can sometimes feel like a relentless game of outwit, outlast and outplay can't it?

Bribing, bargaining, begging is all in a days work right?!

Courtney from The Parenting Edit doesn't think so. She says you can love your kids and love being with them.

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It is her mission to take the overwhelm out of the parenting journey.

Yes parenting isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. And it certainly doesn’t have to to feel relentlessly exhausting all day every day.

What is the Parenting Edit?

The Parenting Edit provides positive parenting education and infant and child sleep consultancy.

If you are struggling, please ask for help! Courtney is an expert in her field, she has been teaching for 12 years, most of which has been in Special Education which is why behaviour is her jam! As well as this, Courtney is relatable as wife, Mum and Step-Mum herself.

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Courtney is all about keeping it real, while also keeping it REAListic too. As parents, we are all gloriously imperfect and will 100% lose our minds from time to time.

Practicing positive parenting will help you feel empowered! Courtney is there to cheer you on and provide some truly incredible learning moments. Positive, practical and gentle strategies is what Courtney does best.

It is just all so hard, I don't know if I can do it

Don't worry Momma, you can have it all.

A sleeping baby.

Happy, healthy and resilient kids (who don’t lose it 251 times a day!)

Chilled and relaxed parents.

I cannot speak more highly of Courtney. I was referred to Courtney after my previously amazing 2.5 year old sleeper suddenly started waking at 1am, for the day! At the same time, my 7 month old was waking 3 or more times a night and needed to be fed back to sleep. I had never been more physically and emotionally broken in my life. Courtney came into our lives as a confident, professional expert who now feels more like a friend than a consultant! Within a couple of days our 2.5 year old was sleeping through the night, and within a fortnight my 7 month old was waking once a night. I’m still in shock! I feel like myself again, our family is happy, and we’re all getting a good nights sleep! I would hand on heart say that Courtney saved us. She is a beautiful soul and I cannot recommend her enough - Jacquie Kilday.

Credit: The Parenting Edit Facebook Page

How do I get the help I need to raise positive and resilient children and parent like a boss?

Get in touch with Courtney at The Parenting Edit via her website.

You can also check her out on Instagram and Facebook. You can also join the The Parenting Edit Facebook Group.

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that parenting boss you know you can be?

Whether it us sleep support or positive parenting strategies, The Parenting Edit can help to empower you and build your confidence, so you can help your children to be strong, happy and resilient.

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