The CELF-P3 Research Project

Could you be eligible to take part in this important research into childhood language development?

Are you a parent of a child aged between 3-6 years? You could be eligible to take part in an important study on a test of early childhood language development by Pearson Clinical Assessment.

As a thank you, each family that takes part will receive a $30 Woolworths gift card and a pack of children's books worth around $40.

Known as the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Preschool, Third Edition (CELF-P3), the test is used by Speech Pathologists to find out if a child is experiencing difficulties with their language development. For example, a child might be having difficulties saying words, understanding words, or putting sentences together.

Who is eligible to take part, and what’s involved?

The study is looking to recruit children aged 3 years - 6 years. The study has been open to children whose parents have completed all different levels of education. However, as the study is close to the end, there are now only spots available for children whose parents have year 11 or below as their highest level of completed education.

Each participant will complete a 30 - 90 minute language test with an experienced Speech Pathologist. This will involve things like talking, telling stories, naming pictures, repeating sentences and reading. You will not receive any results or feedback from the session.

Think you might be eligible? Check out the link here.

The aim of this study is to create a version of the CELF-P3 that will give accurate results for Australian children.

The CELF-P3 was originally developed in America, and needs to be adapted so it can be used in Australia. Once adapted, it will need to be tested with Australian children. This is why the researchers are inviting kids from around Australia to participate.

Once the study results are analysed and the test is published, the CELF-P3 will help Speech Pathologists identify areas of concern with a child's language development and decide on the best way to give the child the support they need.

This project has been reviewed by and has received ethical approval from the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

Pearson Clinical Assessment is partnered with Speech Pathologists in all major cities to conduct the research. Parents can find out more and nominate their child for the project using this link.

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[INTRO You could be eligible to take part in an important study on a test of early childhood language development by Pearson Clinical Assessment.]

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