The Brook at Byford Adventure Playground

A small playground in Byford with a big focus on the natural elements.

This week my children and I visited a playground that was fairly unique in that it seemed devoid of anything plastic. The Brook at Byford Adventure Playground is a small, suburban play area with a natural focus.

At the heart of the playground, located on Dundatha Drive in the The Brook at Byford estate, is a huge timber fort with rubber netting to climb, rock-climbing style walls and ropes to navigate. Although it wasn’t all that suitable for my two children, aged 2 and 4, older children should find it a challenge.

At the top of this fort is a trio of curved, metal poles. I thought to myself that surely this can’t be a slide….and then 2 tweens came along, climbed to the top and slide down the poles. Having done some further research I discovered it is called a ‘triple wave slide’. It’s definitely not one for the little kids or nervous parents.

Another unique feature of the playground is a ‘whispering dish’ (even though there are two dishes) which is the first of its kind in Western Australia. I didn’t know this at the time but the idea is that one person stands by one dish and the other person by the opposite dish.

One person then whispers into the dish and can be heard by the other, which was positioned between 5-10 metres away. We didn’t test this out but I’m not sure it would have worked at there were a few tradies working in the area and making plenty of noise.

There is a colourful timber ‘maze’ style challenge, plus nature play and a sand table with a hoist.

There is an undercover picnic table and a water fountain, but no public barbecue. There are no toilets onsite, but there are food outlets just a short drive away. The other drawback was the lack of parking, and we had to pull over onto the public footpath to park, which is not ideal. I suppose the playground has been designed primarily with the needs of the estate residents in mind first and foremost, who can walk to the park.

There are no swings, and no slide for little kids, so it’s definitely a playground most suited to older children. There is however, another playground known as the Brook at Byford Nature Playground, which looks like it has toddler-friendly play equipment and is just a short stroll away on one of the neighbouring streets. This is next on our list of places to visit!

If you are visiting the area, live in one of the neighbouring suburbs or are new to Byford, I would recommend a visit for a morning or afternoon of play.

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The Brook at Byford Adventure Playground
Dundatha Drive, Byford
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[INTRO The Brook at Byford Adventure Playground is a small, suburban play area with a natural focus.]

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