STEM Punks School Holiday Classes

STEM Punks School Holiday Classes

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Designed by teachers and loved by kids.

It may be hard to believe, but September School Holidays are nearly here! If you are at a loss wondering how you are going to fill in the next few weeks, then we have the solution.

[Link STEM Punks] popular online classes are back. Due to their successful one-week STEM Camp last holidays, this time there’s TWO weeks of online classes!

STEM, if you don't already know, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. So your kids will be learning, even while on holidays. But in such a fun and interactive way, that trust us, they won't even notice. It is perfect if you have to keep them busy while inside the house. Especially if you are working from home.

Kids will learn new STEM skills and solve real world problems. The online school holiday classes have been developed by teachers, leading innovators, and industry professionals to enable a mindset of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

The key benefits to STEM Punks are:

  • The delivery model is interactive with production quality content and a structured learning process designed by award winning teachers
  • Kids will get live interaction with qualified teachers.
  • All content aligned with the Australian Curriculum with a Certificate of Completion which lists learning outcomes.
  • Classes are linked with leading industry and research ambassadors. For example, Dr Michaela Musilova - STEM Punks Advisory Board Member & Director of the MoonBase in Hawaii.

  • Does this sound exactly what you have been looking for? Here is the schedule for the school holidays!

    Daily online classes are delivered by a team of leading STEM Educators. Live classes are recorded and can be viewed for 7 days after the class has finished.

    Week One Schedule

    Monday 21st September
    Pirate Treasure - learn about Pirate Treasure Maps and use the micro:bit to code your own secret path to the hidden treasure.

    Tuesday 22nd September
    Arduino Inventor - learn how to use the Arduino Microcontroller to create innovative solutions. You will learn about Electronics, Sensors, and how to create code to talk to the Microcontroller.

    Wednesday 23rd September
    Future City Designer - learn the challenges of future city designs and create innovative solutions for liveable cities. You will learn how to use 3D Design tools and Coding to make your cities interactive.

    Thursday 24th September
    Space Habitats - learn about the challenges of living in space and the exploration of other planets. You will learn new STEM skills in 3D Design and Coding to create your own liveable Space Habitat.

    Friday 25th September
    Electronics Explorer - learn about Electronic Circuits and apply new STEM skills to make your own innovative circuit designs.

    Week Two Schedule

    Monday 28th September
    Drones Search and Rescue – learn how Drones are used in Search & Rescue Operations. You will learn how to use 3D Design Tools to design your own Drone Solution and use Coding to control your Drone in a 3D world.

    Tuesday 29th September
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship - learn about Design Thinking and how to transform ideas into valuable outcomes. You learn how to use 3D Design Tools to visualise your creations and use rapid prototyping for fast iteration of your ideas. You will learn about Entrepreneurial Thinking and how to create value for your potential customers.

    Wednesday 30th September
    Prehistoric Zoo Designer - learn about prehistoric creatures and design your own awesome Prehistoric Zoo. You will learn new STEM skills including Biology, 3D Design, and Coding.

    Thursday 1st October
    micro:bit Coding - learn how to create Code for the BBC micro:bit, a small micro-controller. No prior skills needed, if you are new to Coding or have recently started with Coding then this class is for you.

    Friday 2nd October
    Roller Coaster Designer - learn how to create your own 3D Roller Coaster design and use Coding to create an interactive Theme Park.

    Classes are suitable for ages eight and over depending on which class you select and all classes are $49.

    You can book online for these classes [Link here].


    [INTRO Has your child ever expressed desire to learn how to build a rollercoaster? Or maybe a prehistoric zoo? If you are looking for something fun and interactive that your kids can do online these school holidays, then look no further. STEM Punks popular online classes are back by popular demand. Now offering even more classes!]
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