STEM Punks: 8 Week LIVE Online After-School Program

30 Jul - 17 Sept

Online classes for kids who can't get enough of STEM.

Would your kids love to learn about Coding, 3D Design, Augmented Reality and Robotics? STEM Punks after-school, LIVE online classes are starting for Term 3 on Thursday, 30th July. Register today!

STEM Punks is Australia’s leading provider of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. Their ‘Deep Blue & Beyond’ program is an 8-week, immersive learning experience in which students will apply new skills to create amazing outcomes.

Recommended for students aged 8 and over, these special, LIVE classes are just for Perth kids, and will run every Thursday at 4pm.

Register your child here.

Using downloadable worksheets and code guides with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, children will discover the challenges facing our oceans today, while learning how to use STEM Tools. These include 3D Modelling, Coding and Augmented Reality (AR) to design their own innovative solutions.

Kids will learn:
How to use 3D Modelling tools to transform ideas into outcomes
Apply Coding to create interactive 3D world
Learn how to use Augmented Reality using the Merge Cube (worth $30 and included!)
Use Design Thinking as a problem solving tool
Ignites creative and innovative thinking.

The first class starts Thursday 30th July. All live shows are recorded and can be accessed on-demand.

Classes are delivered by professional teachers and follow a structured learning framework.

Students do not require any prior knowledge of STEM, making this the perfect activity for any child with an interest in STEM.

Don’t miss the first lesson! Register today and give your child a head start in the exciting world of STEM.

Register here today.

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[INTRO STEM Punks after-school, LIVE online classes are starting for Term 3 on Thursday, 30th July. Register today!]

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