Rossiter Pavilion Playground, Piara Waters

Rossiter Pavilion Playground, Piara Waters

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Posted 2019-01-21 by Suefollow
A fantastic little playground that is great for preschoolers and younger children.

Located on the very fringes of Armadale is Piara Waters, a suburb that is popular with families and has some fantastic playgrounds, including the highly original Robot Park and now, the new Rossiter Pavilion playground.

Rossiter Pavilion is a new community space that can be hired out for events and birthdays (16th to 25th birthday parties not permitted) and it has a lovely little playground just outside.

It appears to be aimed primarily at younger children and has a number of age appropriate play equipment for preschoolers, including a small cubby house with a double slide, mini in ground trampolines, a set of swings and sand and water play.

I took my two toddlers for a play and there was plenty to keep them entertained, although older kids may not be as easily entertained by the swings and retaining wall.

Yes, one of the children headed straight for the swings and the other wanted to walk on the little wall separating the playground from the plants. We just go along with it.

It wasn’t long before she was off exploring the rest of the playground while the younger of my toddlers enjoyed a swing. Along with the usual seat for toddlers with a supported back and a simple seat with no support, the playground also has an accessible swing with a harness.

The little play structure has a rope bridge which will test toddlers, but just be sure to keep an eye on older kids as they could easily push past a younger child and knock them off the bridge. There is plenty of sand for padding but still, it’s not exactly a pleasant experience for a little person! There is also a small rock climbing wall and a double slide.

Next to the play structure is a funky looking sand play contraption plus a little wooden play kitchen! I love seeing this sort of thing in a playground as it is great for fostering the imagination!

The playground also has a wonderful little nature play area with a wooden teepee, log steps and some stone slides. The mini in-ground trampolines are also located in the area.

The park has a small undercover picnic area with public barbecues. Being located at the Pavilion, playground visitors have access to the public toilets, which is always a plus for parents of preschoolers. There is a drinking water fountain with a separate tap and even a bowl for the dogs water!

If you want to take your preschoolers for a little play, this is one park to check out. There is enough to keep them entertained for a couple of hours and burn off a bit of energy.

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Rossiter Pavilion Playground
Between Rossiter Avenue and Sunray Avenue Piara Waters


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[INTRO Located on the very fringes of Armadale is Piara Waters, a suburb that has some fantastic playgrounds, including the new Rossiter Pavilion Playground.]

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