Rooftop Cinema, Northbridge

Rooftop Cinema, Northbridge

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Posted 2019-02-18 by Suefollow
Perth’s Rooftop Cinema is showing current and classic movies until the end of March 2019.

Last week I discovered something in Perth that I never even knew existed….the Rooftop Cinema! How had I never heard of this before, let alone paid a visit?

The Rooftop Cinema is located upstairs at 68 Roe Street in Northbridge. I was privileged to go along to the cinema and see the preview screening of a new ABC TV show, The Heights , that was filmed right here in Perth!

After watching the first three episodes, I’m definitely hanging out for the show to start in late February so I can see what happens next. The plot centres around a baby - it’s an easy way to get mums hooked on the show.

The cinema is screening a range of current blockbuster movies, classic films and family favourites until the season ends on March 30 2019.

You can catch Bohemian Rhapsody, Mary Poppins Returns and what Women Want, or see family movies such as the Princess Diaries, How to Train Your Dragon and New York Minute, or see definite kid-free screenings such as A Quiet Place or Dazed and Confused.

While there are family and kid-friendly sessions, I certainly enjoyed my child-free time! Imagine kicking back on a comfy bean-bag, covered by a cosy blanket and sipping on a delightful glass of wine while watching the big screen under the stars. All that, without the kids crawling all over you and asking for yet another snack. It was past their bedtime anyway.

Yes, there is wine available, plus beer and a range of snacks such as popcorn and chocolate. You can even grab a slice of the famous Mack Daddy’s pizza.

I was so cosy and relaxed under the blanket on my beanbag that my friend had to make sure I was still awake. While I wanted to sleep, I found the show so engrossing I couldn't fall asleep if I wanted to.

The view of the city as the sun goes down is also stunning, and it’s certainly a view of the city I had never seen before!

You can bring your own blankets, but they also available for hire for $5. It’s also a good idea to wear wet-weather gear if rain is forecast.

Tickets for the Rooftop Cinema start from $14 on Tuesdays and from $16 on all other days. Check out the website for screening dates. The movies start at 8pm.

Rooftop Cinema
68 Roe Street, Northbridge

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[INTRO The Rooftop Cinema in Northbridge is a fantastic spot to enjoy the latest blockbuster movie or family classics under the stars and a blanket!]

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