Reef Mask: the Full Face Mask for Snorkelling Fans and Families

The full face snorkel mask that makes underwater viewing so much easier for kids.

Western Australia is home to some of the most beautiful marine life in the world. If you and your children love snorkelling, a full face mask is the best way to appreciate all the ocean has to offer.

While we all know family outings are a rare occasion at the moment, snorkelling is an activity you’ll love to try or get back to when we can all return to the ocean or finally get away on that well-needed holiday.

So what exactly is full-face snorkel mask? And how does it differ to the traditional snorkelling gear that most people are familiar with? And are they safe for children?

The full-face snorkel mask is a relative newcomer to snorkelling. As the name suggests, they cover the whole face and are designed to combat some of the issues presented by a traditional snorkel and mask, such as leaking and fogging up.

Reef Mask is Australia’s newest supplier of full face snorkel masks. With over 15 years experience in the industry, Reef Mask has modified and refined early full face snorkel designs so families can enjoy snorkelling for longer.

Full face masks are also great for kids and offer a range of benefit that definitely outweigh those of a traditional snorkel. These include:

Anti-leak design to stop salt water from getting into your mouth
Folded-snorkel reinforcing design
Camera mount to make memories with your family underwater!
180 degree view
Anti-fog design
Comfortable straps

Are they safe for children to use, and do they provide protection from the water?

The mask is safe for children to use and can help protect little faces from water, but like any situation that involves water, there is no substitute for adult supervision.

Parents need to know their limits and the limits of their children before diving in. You will need to understand the body of water you are swimming in and know how to get yourself and your children out of difficulty should the ocean state transform.

Regardless of what activity you are doing in the water, you have to comprehend the security side of things first, especially if you are getting your children acquainted with snorkelling. The children’s full face snorkel mask Australia is not intended for strenuous swimming or diving, but rather leisurely snorkelling.

Always supervise children around any body of water.

Some advantages for children over a traditional snorkel

Easier to breathe: Users can inhale and exhale through the mouth or nose, so it is a more relaxed breathing style, making it ideal for beginners.
Water-tight barrier: As the mask covers most of the face, children are far less likely to get water in the mouth if they smile or move their mouth around.
Less fog: Full face masks are less likely to fog up, making it easier for children to continue snorkelling without having to stop and de-fog.
Wider view: this provides a much more enthralling experience of the ocean for everyone!
Less fatigue: having to bite on a traditional snorkel can be tiring for children. The full face mask design means they can snorkel for as long as they want, without getting a sore jaw.

You can read more about the general benefits of full face masks here.

A full face snorkel mask is your best way to see all the treasures of the Western Australian coastline and beyond. Reef Mask has some fantastic special offers on adult and children’s masks, which are suitable for kids aged 4-10 years.

After Pay is available, and there's free shipping within 3-7 days to anywhere in Australia! Check out the website here.

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[INTRO If you and your children love snorkelling, a full face mask is the best way to appreciate all the ocean has to offer.]

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