Petticoat Pads

Make the difference and make the change

Petticoat Pads offers a wide range of high quality, environmentally friendly, reusable hand made, cloth sanitary pads.

All of their materials that are used in the pad making process, is purchased from other companies in Australia, supporting local business.

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Ladies, Petticoat Pads are Eco friendly, long lasting, reusable, hand made, cloth pads, using a mix of materials of the highest quality, cotton, flannel and bamboo fabrics, all made in Perth, Western Australia.

Credit: Petticoat Pads Facebook Page

No more filling landfills with sanitary products, these are the choice for the environmentally conscious woman.

Plus, they have super cute designs and are locally made, right here in Perth!

This sounds amazing, tell me more about their design and function

Cloth menstrual reusable pads are a great way to unlock yourself from decades of having to purchase disposable products, offering savings and convenience.

Credit: Petticoat Pads Facebook Page

Menstrual cloth pads come colour coded, using snap buttons as identification for the level of protection that is needed, so there is no guessing games when looking through your draws once at home.

Petticoat Pads has light, moderate and heavy pads, using highly absorbent, non bleached, bamboo for cores, cotton for toppers and polar fleece for backing. There is also a hidden layer of PUL for waterproofing.

​These pads are leak proof for peace of mind, you can shop online here.

Made with love and care

Petticoat Pads is currently shipping to Canada, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and, of course, Australia.

Special offer alert!!

FREE Postage Australia wide, when you spend over $50.00.

Make the difference and make the change to Petticoat Pads.


[INTRO Petticoat Pads aim is to create healthy, sustainable options in reusable, long lasting, high quality, handmade Pads.]

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