Perth's Best Public And Private Maternity Hospitals, Birth Centres, Midwife Services And Doulas

Perth's Best Public And Private Maternity Hospitals, Birth Centres, Midwife Services And Doulas

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Posted 2017-02-27 by Suefollow
A comprehensive list of public and private birth services in Perth, as suggested by PMG Members

The Perth Mums Group Useful Lists are a quick reference to some of the most helpful, fun and important places in Perth. Our lists are continually updated and cover the best places for kids and parents across Perth.

Below are some of the best public and private maternity hospitals, birthing centres, midwife services and doublas in Perth, with contributions and suggestions by Perth Mums group members.

Obviously the list doesn't include all the great services in Perth, but this is a great place to start. Remember to always do your own research and make sure the service meets your personal needs.

Public Health Services

King Edward Memorial Hospital
Address: 374 Bagot Road, Subiaco.
Phone: 6458 2222
Website: For more information, click here .

"King Edward especially with any pending complications." - PMG Member

"KEMH amazing staff, no costs, pediatrician, anaesthetist and obstetrician on duty 24/7 so no wait for epidurals as in private, plus lactation consultants, free loan breast pumps and great food!!" - PMG Member

"King Edward Memorial Hospital was brilliant. Had to use the NICU and SCU when our twins came early. Excellent staff. Only down side is no family except grandparents allowed in NICU and SCU, and no cameras. But everything was excellent." - PMG Member


King Edward Memorial Hospital Family Birthing Centre
Address: 374 Bagot Road, Subiaco.
Phone: 9340 1800
Website: For more information, read on here .

"King Edward's Family Birthing Centre!!!" - PMG Member

"The KEMH Family Birth Centre is amazing. Beautiful midwives that look after you so well and at no cost. Had an amazing water birth and a great induction in the hospital with them." - PMG Member

"Couldn't recommend the Family Birthing Centre at King Eddies enough. My Midwife and her team were amazing and supported my family every step of our journey. Would definitely go back there for another water birth!!" - PMG Member

"KEMH Family Birthing Centre - all the way!!! Continuity of care midwifery model - the same midwife looking after me for all my antenatal appointments, during labour and birthing and all home postnatal visits. How normal pregnancy and birthing should be, in my opinion." - PMG Member.

Rockingham Hospital
Address: Elanora Dr, Cooloongup.
Phone: 9599 4000
Website: For more information, read on here .

"I'm going through Rockingham Maternity practice and will be having baba at Rockingham Hospital. I've been for the tour of maternity ward, it's gorgeous, clean and spacious. I've also been in a couple of times for reduced movements and every midwife we have come across has been wonderful, very helpful, polite and really made me feel comfortable. Can't say how excited I am to have my baby there." - PMG Member

Bentley Hospital
Address: 31-59 Mills St, Bentley.
Phone: 9416 3666
Website: For more information, click here .

"Bentley was great…there was an amazing midwife Fiona there, so helpful." - PMG Member

"I second Bentley!" - PMG Member

"Bentley Hospital has been fantastic. I had my four bubs there and will go back if I have another." - PMG Member

Image: Bentley Hospital Website.

Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital
Address: 3056 Albany Highway, Armadale.
Phone: 9391 2000
Website: For further information, click here .

"Armadale Hospital - can't recommend them enough, they were great!" - PMG Member

"Armadale has the best maternity services in the state and almost nationally." - PMG Member

"Can only second the above and the lovely midwife I had through Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) at Armadale. I can't fault them. The staff at the maternity ward afterward were amazing too and I felt really looked after. I also got to road test the children's ward there, same thing. Can't praise the staff high enough." - PMG Member

Fiona Stanley Hospital
Address: 11 Robin Warren Drive, Murdoch.
Phone: 6152 2222
Website: For more information, read on here .

"FSH has had some negative feedback since it opened, but I can’t fault my experience with them – the midwives and doctors who helped me during labour were amazing and all the midwives were lovely – I was so grateful for a couple of them in particular who let me get a few hours sleep by looking after my daughter! They also provided access to lactation consultants." - PMG Member

Joondalup Health Campus
Address: Grand Blvd and Shenton Ave, Joondalup.
Phone: 9400 9400
Website: For more information, read on here .

"Joondalup Public Hospital – they were so warm and hospitable and handled everything so professionally." - PMG Member

St John Of God Midland Public Hospital
Address: 1 Clayton St, Midland.
Phone: 9462 4000
Website: For more information, read on here .

"SJOG Midland was fantastic, all private rooms and lovely staff who really listened to you!" - PMG Member.

Midwifery Services

Community Midwifery Program (CMP)
Address: Suite 8, 11 Wentworth Parade (Cockburn Integrated Health and Community Facility) Success.
Phone: 9498 6033
Website: For more information, read on here .

The Community Midwifery Program (CMP) promote and support natural birth and can support you to have your baby at home, at the Family Birth Centre at King Edward, Kalamunda Birth Unit, or in a public hospital. This publicly funded service is governed by WA Health and is delivered in partnership with The Bump WA .

"Community Midwifery Program for home birth." - PMG Member

"I second the Community Midwifery Program for birth at home or in the Family Birth Centre. Pretty sure they can work in some hospitals too. Amazing to have supportive, midwife-led care with a consistent team who take time to get to know you." - PMG Member

Image: The Bump WA website.

My Midwives Perth
Address: 26 Cleaver Street, West Perth.
Phone: 9227 5645
Website: For more information, click here .

"My Midwives Perth are fantastic. They can do home births and births within some public hospitals such as KEMH and Armadale. Medicare eligible too." - PMG Member

"Highly recommend My Midwives Perth." - PMG Member

Perth Pregnancy Centre (Clarkson)
Address: Unit 3/61 Ocean Keys Boulevard, Clarkson.
Phone: 6202 0057
Website: For more information, read on here .

"Perth Pregnancy Centre in Clarkson – midwife care for all stages of pregnancy and post natal care including lactation advice. Totally amazing!"

Simply Midwifery
Phone: Contact via [email protected] or via the contact page on the website.
Website: For more information, click here .

"Vanessa Butera of Simply Midwifery." - PMG Member

Cherished Parenting Services
Phone: 0405 427 998 or contact via the website.
Website: For more information, click here .

You can read more about Cherished Parenting Services here .

Perth Maternity
Address: Cockburn Integrated Health, Suite 8, 11 Wentworth Parade, Success.
Phone: 6558 0330
Website: For more information, read on here .

You can read more about Perth Maternity on the Perth Mums Group website by clicking here .

"I saw Karen at Perth Maternity throughout my first pregnancy and she was absolutely exceptional. I then had bub at Bentley. Was a fabulous experience." - PMG Member

Image: SJOG Mt Lawley Facebook.

Private Health

St John Of God Hospital Mount Lawley
Address: Corner Ellesmere Rd & Thirlmere Road, Mount Lawley.
Phone: 9370 9222
Website: For more information, read on here .

"SJOG Mt Lawley for me." - PMG Member

"Just had my baby at SJOG Mt Lawley and they were fantastic!" - PMG Member

Perth Obstetrician and Gynaecology Specialists – St John Of God Mt Lawley
Address: St John of God Mount Lawley Medical Centre, Ellesmere Rd, Mount Lawley.
Phone: 9370 9790
Website: For more information, read on here .

"POGS at SJOG Mt Lawley. Wonderful staff, awesome midwives and exceptional doctors."

"POGS at SJOG Mt Lawley, although the birth delivery unit is not big but the staff are great and make me feel like I'm at home."

St John Of God Subiaco
Address: 12 Salvado Road, Subiaco.
Phone: 9382 6111
Website: For more information, read on here .

"SJOG Subiaco was great.... the midwife delivering me was just so calm, caring and understanding and all the midwives on the wards were so lovely as well....even when I had my day three blues! They helped my breastfeeding journey get off to a good start to help me hand express and also use a pump to stimulate my milk to come in and to help top up my sleepy jaundiced baby. Definitely going back for the next baby!!"

Image: SJOG Subiaco Facebook.

Glengarry Private Hospital
Address: 53 Arnisdale Rd, Duncraig.
Phone: 9447 0111
Website: For more information, read on here .

"Glengarry Private, I just LOVED it! Food is great, midwives are awesome... I didn't feel I was in a hospital at all!"

Image: Glengarry Private Hospital Facebook.

St John Of God Hospital Murdoch
Address: 100 Murdoch Drive, Murdoch.
Phone: 9366 1111
Website: For more information, read on here .

"SJOG Murdoch. The midwives are lovely and make you feel at ease. Big shout out to Jess Sutherland who delivered my son just a month ago. She was amazing." - PMG Member

Image: SJOG Murdoch Facebook.


Helena Hentz – Dreambirth
Phone: 0430 227 118 or [email protected]
Website: For more information, click here .

"Doula Helena Hentz of Dreambirth. Hypnobirth teacher and an amazing, warm and gentle support when preparing for, and during, labour." - PMG Member

Image: Doula Love website.

Exhale Birth Services
Phone: 0402 017 425 or contact via email at [email protected]
Website: For more information, read on here .

Fiona is a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator and birth and postpartum doula with three children of her own. She has a wealth of knowledge as a doula and with supporting women during and after birth.

To contribute to the current Perth Useful List visit the Perth Mums Group group or suggest a topic by emailing [email protected].

For the Perth Mums Group list of best Perth obstetricians, read on here. You can also check out our list of hospitals and health care in Perth.

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[INTRO Perth has some amazing public and private birthing facilities and practitioners, and here's where to find them.]

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