Netball for Kids in Perth

Looking for a fantastic team sport for your kids? There are netball clubs and programs all over Perth.

Netball is a much loved Australian pastime that has been played for generations. In Perth, kids can get involved in netball from aged 5 and over, and there are clubs located all over the state. If your child is interested in playing netball, or you’d like to get them involved in a great team sport, here are some ways to get involved in netball in Perth.

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Suncorp NetSetGo program

NetSetGo is a netball program for ages 5-10 years that aims to teach children the fundamentals of the sport through 3 stages.

‘Net’, the first stage of the program, is for ages 5 and up to 10 years, and is aimed at children who are new to netball. They will learn skills through dance, activities and games.

‘Set’ is for children aged 7-8 years and focuses on refining fundamental motor skills and introducing modified netball matches.

‘Go’ is the final stage of the program and is for children aged 9-10 years. This stage focuses on developing netball specific skills through modified netball matches.

To find your nearest club offering each stage of the program, click here.

For players older than 10 years

Check out the Netball WA website to find your nearest club.

Image: Netball WA Facebook page

Netball No Limits

No Limits is a netball competition that provides people with an intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment. Participants will take part in a weekly training program that promotes social inclusion and participation.

Other resources

Need more information? Netball WA is the governing body for netball in WA. You can check out their website here, or head over to the Facebook page to see what events are coming up.

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[INTRO In Perth, kids can get involved in netball from aged 5 and over, and there are clubs located all over the state.]

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