Naturaliste Reptile Park

There’s so much to do with little kids in Margaret River. There are beaches, playgrounds and parks, shopping centres and golf courses and petting zoos and then there’s Naturaliste Reptile Park. Naturaliste Reptile Park is located on 10 Wildwood Rd in Carbunup River WA 6280. It was a hot blistering day when we visited the park. It was the promise of air conditioning that drew us in through the doors and we were not disappointed.

When you first step inside Naturaliste Reptile Park the first thing you will hear is rainforest sounds playing in a loop on a sound system. The air is cool and crisp and the lighting is soft. The clerk was very happy to greet us and usher us into the room.

The majority of the attractions are located indoors. The biggest enclosure is in the middle of the room. It has a pool and rocks and tree branches and plants in it. One end was occupied with turtles cruising through the water and the other end had a big fat lizard sunning itself under a hot lamp. My little girl loved this enclosure the best. She kept standing on her tip toes and pointing at the turtles and shouting “turtles!”

The surrounding walls are filled with glass habitats showcasing different varieties of frogs, lizards, snakes and even a small crocodile. I liked how each of the displays was large, well-lit and filled with objects for the animals to climb, curl around, cling to and hide under. The turtles looked happy on their logs, snakes snoozed on rocks or curled around branches, and one fat lizard was chilling on a hammock.

If you look around the room you will find information posters stuck to the front of each of the exhibits about each of the animals and where they come from. There were also some dried up snake skins hung up for decoration. I thought those were cool. Once you’re done with looking at all of the animals inside there is an outdoor area that houses some more animals and also a couple of picnic tables.

The front reception area has loads of toys and souvenirs that can be purchased from stuffed toys of different sizes to posters of dinosaurs, bugs and snakes. The only negative thing I can say about Naturaliste Reptile Park is that it is a little small and that the outside area was underwhelming and not very interesting. But I didn’t mind so much because I thought the cost was very fair and the inside exhibits were very good and worth the money and obviously lovingly cared after. Naturaliste Reptile Park is great educational fun for kids and a good way to escape the sun or the rain.

Essential Information
Naturaliste Reptile Park
Address: 10 Wildwood Road
Australia 6280
Phone: (08) 97551771
Website: click here

Opening hours
Tues to Sat 10am to 4pm
Sun 10am to 3.30pm
The park is closed the 24th to 26th December.

Adults $11
Children 4-15 years $7
Seniors $8

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