My Favourite Toy Shop in Perth

My Favourite Toy Shop in Perth

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Posted 2017-10-19 by Suefollow
I still get really excited when I find good toys for children.

It doesn’t matter that I am close to 40 (shh!).

Maybe it is the educator in me, or maybe it is my inner child trying to break out, but finding good toys and games feel good for my soul.

As an educator I know a lot about sensory play, fine motor skill development, speech development, phonological awareness and the list goes on.

As a mum, I know that I do not need to get my checklist out to tick off if I am covering all of those developmental areas for my child.

All I need to provide is quality time, interaction and encouragement and most of those areas will take care of themselves.

So, if I can find good toys and games that excite my child and don’t bore me to death in the process, then I say it is a win win!

If you have concerns that your child’s development, then be sure to discuss with your local GP who can help you access any necessary support services

You could also locate your local Child and Parent Centre who can help you with free services - Perth's Child and Parent Centres .

Which brings me to this fabulous shop in Victoria Park, Toys in the Park .

It is a small little shopfront, jam-packed with a huge range of amazing products for a variety of ages.

The real gem of Toys in the Park though, is the staff.

Every time I have been in there, the staff have always been able to help me locate the perfect toy or game for the recipient.

They take on board the age of the child you are looking for, their interests, talents and simply know how to point you to something that will bring great interest and enjoyment.

Here are just a few products purchased for our family over the last couple of years.


There are always a selection of puzzles for all ages. These puzzles are beautiful, bright, engaging and require a bit more thinking.

Make A Pie

A simple game with a spinner, table cloth and lots of pie pieces. It is all about making a whole pie and maybe stealing someone else's pieces! (Don't tell anyone they are starting to pick up the idea of fractions though!)

Day and Night Game

This game encourages children to be able to sequence as well as spatial awareness and shape manipulation.

There is a day picture to look at and then try to recreate or for more advanced options a night picture to look only at the silhouette to recreate the patter.


This is a bingo-like game that has a cool token dispenser. Oh, and it makes children aware of digital and analogue time. Handy, right?

As you can see from these games, they are engaging, fun, and if you want them to be, educational.

So if you are looking for quality products, great service and a new treat for your child, then be sure to check Toys in the Park .

Essential Information
Toys in the Park
Address: 403A Albany Highway, Victoria Park
Phone: (08) 9470 3981
Parking: Woolworths car park across the road or parking can be found in the side streets in Victoria Park.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday - 9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday - 9am - 4pm
Sunday - 11am - 3pm
Public Holidays - CLOSED

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[INTRO Toys in the Park is a fabulous shop in Victoria Park, jam-packed with a huge range of amazing products for a variety of ages.]

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