Millars Landing Playground, Baldivis

Millars Landing Playground, Baldivis

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Posted 2018-11-27 by Suefollow
A fantastic new playground in Perth's southern suburbs.

As you may have noticed, Perth has an amazing range of train-inspired playgrounds and activities for kids. Now we have a new one, located in Baldivis.

Millars Landing playground has recently opened and is located near to the Kwinana Freeway and Kulija Road exit. It features a small but totally awesome train-themed play structure and lots of great activities for the kids.

Perhaps the most eye-catching part of the playground is the huge tower an equally huge slide. There are steps leading up to the top, but just be aware that some lower parts of the tower are not completely fenced off, so be sure to keep an eye on children who are running up and down the steps.

The climbing tower has a rope ladder and a small rock climbing wall, or there are steps for smaller children. There is also a small slide for the littlest members of the family.

Millars Landing playground also has a double flying fox with one traditional, circular seat and a supported seat that is suitable for younger children. There is sand underneath the flying fox, just in case there are any accidental falls.

The playground has a set of swings and a birds nest swing which has enough room for about four children.

The little train play structure is pretty cool - it only has two steps to climb up so it’s not too much of a challenge for toddlers, but there is a bit of a drop from the ‘engine’ area to the ground below. This area has two steering wheels and a tunnel for the kids to climb through, but as mentioned, this is where the big drop is.

The train also has two carriages, one of which is staged as derailed from the tracks, and the kids can climb into both carriages. There are also log beams for the kids to practice balancing on.

There are several oversized musical instruments located close to the tower. Just some of the other features of the playground include public barbecues, undercover picnic tables and a drinking water fountain.

While Millars Landing is a fantastic little playground for families, there are also a number of drawbacks. There are no toilets in the immediate vicinity, limited shaded areas and the synthetic flooring did get really hot, even on a day that was only moderately warm, so make sure that the kids keep their shoes on! There are grassed areas and paths around the playground, but no fencing.

There is a small amount of parking available close to the playground for visiting families. I found the easiest way to get to Millars Landing from the Kwinana Freeway was to take the Kulija Road exit and then turn right at Baldivis Road, and the playground is located on Heartwood Boulevard.

My children and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Millars Landing playground. This quirky little park is sure to appeal to preschoolers and younger primary school aged children, especially those who just love trains.

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Millars Landing playground
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[INTRO Millars Landing playground has recently opened in Baldivis. Although small, it features lots of great activities for the kids. ]

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