Lo Quay Café, Wilson

I made my first visit to the Lo Quay Café in Wilson on an unusually dreary March Monday morning, and thought it would be nice and quiet as a result. I was wrong.

It was packed – packed with families with young children, mums groups, couples, people with dogs and even a big group of women taking part in some sort of meeting with a presenter. Not even the rain could keep the masses away.

It’s easy to see what the appeal is for families – the huge outdoor space next to the café and the kids’ playground. We hadn’t even ordered when my toddler spotted the playground, and subsequently chucked a little tantrum when I made her wait a few minutes while I ordered. It’s a hard life for a little girl.

Lo Quay has a full breakfast menu, which is served from 8am to 11:30am and includes cooked breakfasts, omelettes, muesli and bruschetta. They also have a cabinet full of tasty sweet treats, such as muffins, cakes and thick, fluffy looking banana bread that I just couldn’t resist for morning tea. Lunch is served from 12pm every day and there are lots of options to choose from, including salads, seafood, hot meals and burgers.

We sat at the back near the playground, which is where the only free tables were. My little girl had no interest in sitting down while we waited for our banana bread and drinks, and she was off to the playground before I could put my bag down on the seat of an empty table.

The playground is quite suitable for toddlers, with two different slides they can easily climb up, a swing set with a toddler-friendly seat and a small roundabout that doesn’t go all that fast because it’s quite hard to push. The playground is covered in sand or a soft, rubber surface, although some of the steps and rocks may need a bit of parental supervision for new walkers.

The café and playground are situated in a lovely spot along the river, and there’s plenty of space to roll out a picnic rug on the grass, or have a seat at one of the adjoining picnic tables next to the café.

Our food and coffee arrived quickly. I’d ordered a cappucino and a babycino for the little one, even though she was more interested in my coffee. Thank god it was decaf. The banana bread was delicious – slightly toasted but fluffy on the inside and filled with different kinds of nuts. Yum!

Unfortunately it started to rain heavily not long after we went back to the playground, so it was time to leave. There isn’t a lot of shelter from the rain in the grassed area and everyone else seemed to be filling every available inch of space.

Lo Quay is open for breakfast and lunch every day. If you love child-friendly dining or coffee, it makes for a great mums group destination or for a lovely outing with the kids.

Essential Information
Lo Quay Café, Wilson
Address: Corner of Fern Road and Bridge Road, Wilson.
Phone: 9358 4486
Website: loquay.com.au
Opening hours: 8am to 5pm daily.

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