Kites Therapy: Dog Assisted Occupational Therapy for Children

Kites Therapy: Dog Assisted Occupational Therapy for Children

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Come and meet the team of four-legged superstars at Kites Therapy!

The dogs in our lives bring so much joy as beloved family members, plus are well known around the world as service dogs for people with disabilities. Did you also know that dogs can assist with children’s occupational therapy, right here in Perth?

Kites Therapy is a support service in Victoria Park offering Dog Assisted Therapy as an alternative to traditional occupational therapy or complementary support to other services. Sessions are NDIS funded for eligible clients or available as fee for service.

Kites is one of only a few providers in Perth to provide animal assisted therapy, making it a truly special service. Alongside their Victoria Park therapy rooms, they will soon be opening a new venue in Joondalup, giving northern suburbs families easier access to the service too.

During your child’s Dog Assisted Therapy session, they will work with a qualified occupational therapist and a member from the Kite’s doggy team (along with their trainer as needed). Therapy dogs Bazza, Ernie, Onyx and Melba are all specially trained to encourage and motivate children to take part in activities to help improve the child’s ability to do everyday things that they want or need to do.

Together, children and their new furry friend will complete play based therapy activities that can help with many areas of your child’s development. Encouraging thinking, emotions, behaviour, sensory processing, social interactions, play, gross motor and fine motor skills.

Dog Assisted Therapy is particuarly beneficial for children who may have lost motivation with ongoing OT sessions. The service can be alternative to traditional OT, or added to an existing plan as a means to help them re-engage with their program.

Children who find it difficult to build rapport with a new therapist may also benefit from Dog Assisted Therapy, with an animal in the room an easy way to break down barriers between child and OT, and motivate them to address and reach their therapy goals quicker.

The team can also help children with a fear of dogs face their concerns and spend some time with a calm, well-trained animal. This allows the child to learn how to stay regulated as they interact with the therapy dog.

Dog Assisted Therapy is available for children of all ages. During your child’s initial intake phone conversation, staff will determine whether or not it is suitable for your child, so there is no obligation to take part.

Alongside this unique therapy experience, Kites also offer traditional occupational therapy, psychology, group programs, speech therapy and so much more. For a full list of their services, check out the website .

Dog Assisted Therapy may just be the service your child needs to rekindle their motivation for OT. Get in touch with the Kites Therapy team today and experience this incredible therapy for your child.

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