Introducing The Totli Box - A Montessori-inspired Box That Provides Endless Play

Introducing The Totli Box - A Montessori-inspired Box That Provides Endless Play

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Totli™ (pronounced tot-lee), an Australian-based company, offers a diverse range of quality Montessori-inspired educational toys designed to stimulate curiosity and foster a love of learning in children of all ages.

Founded in Perth by a dedicated Australian mum and early childhood teacher, Totli™ blends the wonders of play with the principles of science and education.

Totli™ creates engaging and entertaining Montessori-inspired toys that are thoughtfully designed in collaboration with child development experts. The wooden educational toys come in many different forms, including puzzles, games, building sets, and more and are designed to provide your child with endless opportunities for learning and growth.

Their bestseller is the multi-award winning Totli™ Box - which includes everything in one: from posting to sorting to imaginative play.

Designed by early childhood experts, the one-of-a-kind Totli™ Box invites your child to explore object permanence, play peekaboo, and discover how objects work together with three sides designed for posting, pushing, and pulling.

Key Features include:

  • Peekaboo Play Silks: Inviting your little one to experience the joy of pulling out and tucking away the vibrant play silks.

  • Three-Sided Exploration Boost your little one's hand-eye coordination and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Each side is an invitation to explore object permanence (the concept that things still exist even when we can’t see them), containment, and the wonders of gravity.

  • Sensory STEM Play: Despite their similar size, each sensory ball offers a different auditory and tactile experience, encouraging little ones to experiment and observe.

  • Tactile Learning: Stack, sort, and count with the rainbow coins. Designed to build hand and finger strength while fostering early numeracy skills.

  • Lovingly crafted with safe, healthy, and durable materials for babies and toddlers, the Totli™ Box also features a handy door, where your little one sees everything they place inside while keeping all the materials neatly stored within the box.

    Totli™ are passionate about creating innovative and science-backed play products that spark curiosity, joy, and hands-on discovery. In addition to the Totli™ Box, there are also other Montessori-inspired learning products available.

    Highlights include:

    The Ball Drop - a delightful way to boost hand-eye coordination, and introduce the fundamental concept of object permanence.

    Rings - a wooden ring set suitable for maths games, colour activities, construction, and imaginative play.

    Mini Chef Kids Kitchen Set 8 Pieces - perfect for hands-on collaboration, these real tools support your little one as they learn practical life skills.

    The Play Silks - peekaboo Play Silks are designed to ignite curiosity and creative thinking.

    Mini Montessori Mates Silicone Placemat - a fun and functional tool for nurturing your toddlers growing independence during mealtimes.

    If you are looking for products for babies and toddlers that promote purposeful play and healthy development, check out the Totli™ range at

    Gift cards are also available.

    Follow Totli™ at on Facebook + Instagram.

    Shipping is available Australia-wide and Internationally.

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