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How to Make Gluten Free Pizza Muffins

by Stephanie Rae (follow)
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This is a super easy, semi quick (depending on your little helpers), very yummo recipe that can be tweaked to any type of muffin you like. Great for an after school snack, a lunchbox alternative or a mealtime side. The kids can get involved but more importantly you can bang this baby out quite quickly with little effort or trauma.

I have basically reworked recipes found on the internet to fit my kids tastes and what is actually available in our stores here in Australia. The brands used in the pictures are the best quality and flavour for our family but still cost effective.

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This is also a no nonsense recipe regarding tools. When it comes to after school snacks I barely have time for a toilet break so getting out bulky appliances is fairly laughable. This is about using the dishes that have been drying on the sink for the past couple of days with minimal elbow grease and just getting on with it. You literally require:

Large mixing bowl
Smaller bowl for whisking (I use one of the kids cereal bowls)
Sharp knife
Chopping board
Measuring Cups: 1 cup and a ¾ cup (or save washing up and just guess!) These can also double as a bowl for whisking eggs especially if only using 1 or 2
Mixing spoon (I use a dessert spoon)
Teaspoon (for measuring and scooping)
12 Muffin Tray


Muffin Base Dry:

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1 Cup of Gluten Free Self-Raising Flour
¾ Cup Almond Flour
1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder (I use gluten free)
Salt to taste (we use Pink Himalayan Salt)

Muffin Base Wet:

3 Eggs (or less if preferred)
½ Cup of Greek yoghurt
½ Cup of warm water
If omitting yoghurt use ¾ Cup of warm water


Whatever your heart desires! We used:
½ a finely chopped Chorizo
¼ can diced tomatoes with a few drops of Oregano oil added
Roughly chopped button mushrooms
Chopped chives
Chopped green olives
Grated Cheese (we used cheddar but mozzarella is always good or cream cheese is another delicious alternative. Teaspoon a scoop and push into the centre for a cheesy surprise. Cream cheese won’t melt like traditional cheese and keeps its form quite well. Super yum!)
Greasing oil for muffin tray (we use coconut oil as it can handle high temps before it goes crazy with no health benefits and is a great fat to sneak into little bodies)


1. Using a small amount of coconut oil (or butter/oil of choice), grease your muffin tin

2. Put all dry ingredients into bowl and stir together with a fork

3. Whisk up eggs and put into bowl

4. If using the Greek yoghurt add to the half cup of warm water and stir together, adding to mixture OR add 1 cup of warm water to the dry ingredients

5. Using mixing spoon stir all ingredients together to form a smooth cake batter consistency. It should be thick but not too runny. Set bowl aside

6. Chop all your pizza toppings up and lay out on the board so that little fingers can have easy access

7. Using the teaspoon scoop the batter into individual inserts filling each about ¾

8. Spread the tomato sauce on top. For crust lovers leave a little batter ring around the edge.

9. Let the topping fun begin! Get creative with your favorite toppings or just throw it on before the hordes gnaw your leg off! If your kids are involved remember this is more of a batter than a dough, so a gentle touch is advisable.

10. As I am almost always in a hurry I frequently forget to pre-heat the oven. So far with this recipe it hasn’t affected it too much. Even though these are muffins I use a pizza cooking temp and time. So set at 210 degrees for 25 minutes. Depending on your oven just keep an eye out and check the middle for goo about the 20 minute mark.

11. Let them cool for a few minutes on a rack or in the tin, it really won’t matter because you’ll probably just want to flip them out and fill some tummy’s. I use the other end of the spoon to circle around the muffin and separate it from the tin. If you used sufficient oil they should come out easily.

Serve up individually or as a side to a meal. Add a little basil and some hot sauce on the side for a grown up touch.

You can also use this recipe as a pizza base, just be sure to grease your pizza pan well before. There’s no kneading required, just scoop the batter onto the pan and smooth out. I double mine to make a very authentic looking and tasting pan pizza that nobody ever guesses is gluten free!

Here are some other alternatives for this recipe:

Zucchini Loaf (add 1 cup grated zucchini, 5-6 eggs whisked, chopped ham/bacon, cup of grated cheese, chopped chives or spring onion. Pour into greased baking loaf tin and cook at 180 degrees for approx. 35 minutes)

Sweet muffins (omit salt or just use a pinch. In a microwave safe jug add a mixture of ¼ cup honey, cup cubed unsalted butter, tsp of vanilla and melt in microwave for 40 seconds on med), 1 egg whisked, add cacao/choc chips/raspberries/blueberries/white chocolate/nuts/chia/seeds or any other sweet treats you can think to mix and experiment with. Follow same baking method as pizza muffins)

Mini bread rolls (add the wet and dry ingredients and put into muffin tins, follow same baking method as pizza muffins)

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14 Apr
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