How to Avoid Mother's Day Disappointment

Have you ever felt Mother's Day Disappointment? A Perth mum shares her thoughts on how to avoid this feeling.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, 10th May. It is a day when mothers everywhere should feel loved and appreciated…yet we all know this doesn’t always happen.

Lisa from Cherub Cherished Babysitting shares her thoughts and advice on avoiding Mother’s Day Disappointment.

Mother’s Day is meant to be about children showing appreciation for their mother. I find that this sets families up for a day of expectations and sometimes disappointment. How often do the mum's end up feeling not so special (dependent on behaviours of those around them), or children don't get the reaction they were hoping for from their mum.

So how about we change this idea of Mother's Day?

I am so lucky to have the ability to be a mother to amazing children. Yes they can be challenging at times, yes they can hold me back from doing what I want sometimes, but gosh what would my life be without them! 
I want to turn Mother's Day around and use that day not for the children to show me, but how I can show my children how much I love and appreciate having them in my life. How I am proud to be their mum and proud of all that they are.
I have made a conscious decision to be more present with my tribe, and not only for Mother's Day, but it is good to have that day of consciousness as well.

All too often I find myself jumping on my phone or distracted when my children could do with that eye to eye contact and acknowledging smile. Practically that is not going to always be possible as we are juggling work, kids and life, but being aware is important.

Why should I disconnect from distractions and focus on those individual moments with the children?

Firstly, it is good for the kids, for them to feel loved and supported.

Then it is good for our relationship so they know there is someone there to listen when they need it and to pave a basis for their future relationships with others.

And thirdly,  it is also good for me, it makes me enjoy them, makes me laugh more, makes me feel like a better mum, and because one day they won’t be around as much to share those times.

I used to think Mother’s Day was a commercialised sham, which to some extent it is. But it does provide the opportunity to really think about how precious being a Mum is.

To those that are lucky enough to have the mum role, in whatever form that looks, Happy Mother’s Day. A special shout out to the amazing team of mums involved with Cherished Cherubs Babysitting.

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