Holland Park Estate Playground, Piara Waters

A small suburban nature playground with a fantastic fort and outdoor gym equipment.

This week my youngest daughter and I found a really cool suburban nature-based playground in Piara Waters, a suburb on the fringes of Armadale.

It is located in the Holland Park estate, which sits on the edge of Armadale Road in Piara Waters. We found it while out walking around the suburb, which has great footpaths for prams and a few bits of outdoor exercise equipment dotted around.

At the centrepiece of the playground is a wooden fort, that is great for children who love to climb. As with so many playgrounds popping up in recent times, you won’t find a lot of plastic, with plenty of natural materials used in the park’s construction.

Instead of the traditional climbing frame, the playground has a great nature play with log steps up to the top and a stone slide, which is a feature I see a lot of at modern playgrounds.

The playground also has a sand table and a dedicated sand play area.

There is a swing set with a standard seat with no back support, plus a toddler seat with back support. There is also a tripod swing.

It’s not a huge playground, but it will appeal to toddlers and children who love to climb and dig around in the natural elements.

You will find an undercover picnic area with tables and benches, plus barbecues and drinking water fountains.

There is also a range of outdoor exercise equipment, plus an outdoor ping png table just across the road, and an outdoor tennis or volleyball (for kids) ‘net’ just a very short walk away!

There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of parking, but there is some street parking, and parking available at the nearby Rossiter Pavilion, which is located on Sunray Drive. There are also public toilets at the pavilion, plus the [fantastic https://perthmumsgroup.com.au/rossiter-pavilion-playground-piara-waters/ playground!]

If you’re in the area or are new to Piara Waters, go and have a look at this little playground and let the kids have a play in nature! You can read more fantastic parks and playground reviews here.

Holland Park Estate Playground
Fanshawe Boulevard, Piara Waters

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[INTRO Holland Park in Piara Waters has a great little nature playground that is great for toddlers and kids who love nature-based play.]

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