Goodstart Kindergarten Foundations: Give Your Child The Best Start For School in 2020

Sat 27 Jul 2019

Is your child starting kindy in 2020? Goodstart Early Learning's 3-year-old program is designed to make the transition easier.

Your child’s first day at school can create feelings of stress and anxiety for the both of you - but what if you could give them the best possible introduction to school with a quality kindergarten program?

Goodstart Early Learning is introducing Kindergarten Foundations , a 3-year-old kindy program aimed at children who will commence kindergarten in 2020.

With research showing that children who have attended two years of quality early learning have an easier transition to school, Kindergarten Foundations aims to support 3-year-olds in developing the key skills they require for a successful start to school.

Accessing a quality early education program is one of the best ways to support your child’s brain development - 90% of which occurs before they are 5 years old! By participating in Goodstart’s play-based learning kindy program, your child can build the confidence to become a passionate, curious and active learner.

As one of the leading brands in childcare in Western Australia, Goodstart is a trusted name providing quality care to families throughout the state. With 51 centres throughout WA, there’s a Goodstart Early Learning centre near you.

Each of their programs are run by university qualified teachers and are designed to teach children great communication skills, coping skills, resilience and self-discipline - all qualities that will aide their development once they start Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Foundations has been designed to support children who are eager to learn, but have parents who struggle to find the time to or have access to the resources to feed their child’s curious mind. It also caters for children who may suffer from anxiety at the thought of leaving mum.

If your child is due to start kindergarten in 2020, you can provide them with access to the highest quality 3-year-old kindy program at Goodstart Early Learning Centres throughout Perth.

The July intake is now open, so don’t delay - book a tour of your nearest centre now and help support your child’s transition to school.

For more information, see the website .

Looking for a fun activity? Head on down to the Goodstart Early Learning Myaree Christmas In July celebration on Saturday, 27th July from 10am to 1pm!

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