Gnomesville, Shire of Dardanup

One of the South West's unique things to see.

Gnomesville is a quirky little tourist attraction located in the Shire of Dardanup, around 30 minutes drive from Bunbury. If you are visiting the South West for a family holiday, this is one stop off the kids will love.

Despite living in Bunbury a number of years ago, I had never ventured out to Gnomesville. It is basically a spot on the side of the road that houses thousands of garden gnomes of all shapes and sizes.

Once you hit Wellington Mill Road, it is easy to spot. There are usually cars parked on the side of the road, plus a carpark. Plus, you will see the gnomes. They are not hard to miss!

If it sounds like a somewhat bizarre tourist attraction well, yes, it is. Yet, there is something oddly appealing about these thousands of gnomes. You can’t help but cast an eye over them all, looking at the colours, seeing what they are doing, spotting your name or your kids’ names painted on them, or looking for something just a little bit different. Yes, it sounds bizarre to say it, but honestly, you can’t help but want to look at them all!

You may wonder where they all came from, or why someone decided to start leaving garden gnomes at this somewhat secluded spot. A selection of gnomes was originally placed at the spot by members of the local community and over time, other people added their own. Anyone is welcome to bring their own gnome along! You can even pick up a gnome at the nearby Ferguson Valley Visitors Centre.

Yes, some of the gnomes are sadly broken and some are faded, but my girls thought the place was amazing. They loved pointing out ask the funny things the gnomes were doing, finding gnomes painted in our favourite footy team colours, and finding our names painted on a gnome, although we didn’t find my youngest daughter’s name.

She was disappointed, so we have an undecorated garden gnome at home that we bought from Bunnings that is ready to be painted and dropped off to Gnomesville en route home from our next trip down south.

Gnomesville is a unique attraction that is definitely one of a kind! I mean, where else in Australia would you find a patch of land inhabited by over 10,000 gnomes? It is worth a look if you are travelling to the South West - just don’t forget to take your own gnome to add to the collection.


WHERE: Lot 4059 Wellington Mill Road, Wellington Mill

WHEN: Open all year round

COST: Free entry

AGES: All ages


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