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Wed 01 Jan 2020 - Tue 30 Jun 2020

Get the help you need at the .

Those early days with a newborn baby are some of the toughest a parent will face. There may be difficulties with feeding your baby, unsettledness and irritability related to possible reflux and colic, and the overwhelming parental exhaustion and anxiety that can come with adjusting to a new baby, often all happening at the same time.

Through a residential 4-night stay, the provides help for parents or caregivers and their babies from aged from 6 weeks, up to 12 months who may be experiencing any or all of these issues.

The centre features specifically designed sleeping spaces where staff monitor infants 24/7 to determine sleeping issues and/or disorders related to irritability and excessive crying.

Whilst caring for their infant, parents or caregivers stay in one of 5 single private rooms with ensuite, designed to create a comfortable, nurturing, warm space environment for parents to get the support they need.

Using a personalised care plan, each family is guided by a specialised team of nurses with a wealth of experience in maternity, child health, infant development and mental health.

The team at the know that each infant and their family is different. They develop individual strategies to address specific concerns by taking into consideration age, habits, physical and emotional histories.

Care is based on age appropriate routines, individualised to meet the needs of both parent and baby, and cater to their presenting concern.

This personalised care will include review by a paediatrician and access to a lactation consultant, if required.

Parents staying at the centre will also take part in group education designed to empower parents and help them gain confidence for the journey ahead.

Meals are provided for parent and older infants, and the centre has a modern, communal lounge and dining area for parents and their infants to enjoy meal times and general leisure time. Each day, parents are encouraged to go out for a walk around one of the many leafy, green parks nearby. On-site parking is free.

The stay at the centre is covered by private health insurance, however it is advised to check with your individual fund.

There is no need to struggle in silence when you need some support with your baby. The has all the help and resources to help you enjoy your parenting journey with your little bundle of joy.

For more information, see the website .

Glengarry Private Hospital, 53 Arnisdale Road, Duncraig

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