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Five Relaxation Tips Every Mum Can Incorporate Into Their Day

by Maggie Joy (follow)
Leader of the pack to seven children, one man child husband, two dogs, four cats and two birds. Creator of The Reverse Housewife www.facebook.com/TheReverseHousewife/ . Writer at WeekendNotes. Blogger. Chocolate connoisseur.
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Being a parent is tiring, stressful and at times thankless.

There are days that you want to scream and lock yourself away for just a few minutes silence and then there are days when you want to run for the hills just to make sure that any of the two legged humans below 4 foot tall donít have a chance at following you.

Running away, however enticing, will only end in your discovery. Whether you head for those hills or lock yourself in a cupboard you will be found so save yourself some fuel money and shoe leather and try these home relation techniques.

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It sounds simple but how many times have you forgone a shower in favour of crawling into bed a few minutes earlier once you have managed to wrangle all the kids into bed?

Not only will your body thank you as the warm water dilates your blood vessels so that more blood and oxygen can flow to your tired, over worked, sore muscles but so will your sleep pattern.

A warm shower, gradually decreasing the water temperature as you prepare to hop out, initiates a drop in body temperature which is your bodyís cue that it needs to prepare for sleep.

Scented candles or incense
Science has shown us that not only can smells trigger memories and emotions, but they can also trigger receptors in the brain that reduce our stress and anxiety, promoting a sensation of relaxation.

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While this method works for most, it is always best to be mindful that just like any product people can have allergies.

Cedar and Lavender are great tension reducing scents, with Vanilla and Valerian also topping the list. Why not combine two into one and burn some scented candles while having a warm shower.

I am not suggesting that you scream at your four year old or near open windows unless youíre prepared for a knock on the door after concerned neighbours ring the police in case your screams indicated a maniac had broken in and was attempting to hold you hostage and steal your incense supply.

I am suggesting that you scream into a pillow or a blanket. Heck, you can even open your handbag and let loose if you like.

Studies have shown that just by vocalising you are able to reduce your stress by up to one quarter.

Movement and exercise releases endorphins which are these wonderfully, fun hormones that can create a feeling of euphoria. Dancing is a great emotional expression and creativity outlet.

There is no need to join up to any expensive dance classes, just turn on the radio or your favourite CD and move however your body tells you too. Your brain and nervous system will thank you.

Some people suggest soaking in a bath of red wine. Personally, I prefer my wine in a glass.

One glass of red wine has been shown to help calm the central nervous system thanks to its suppressant qualities.

More than one however, can have the undesired effect of drunkenness and hangovers which ultimately end in the unwanted side effect of voicing words that you may not want voiced, so best to stick to the recommended dose.

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14 Apr
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Learn how to take amazing family photos with your smartphone!
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