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What better way to spend a sunny morning with your pre-schooler than eating ice cream at the beach or playground while you enjoy a coffee?

Along the Rockingham Beach foreshore, directly opposite the foreshore reserve, playgrounds and beach, is Eye Scream Café, which serves up one of the state’s favourite, locally made ice creams plus delicious waffles, crepes, pancakes and coffee.

Eye Scream Cafe is a fantastic place to stop with your children due to its proximity to the numerous playgrounds along the foreshore. I recently stopped by with my two little girls and sampled some Simmos ice cream and a coffee.

If you’re not familiar with Simmos, it’s made in Dunsborough and sold throughout Perth. Eye Scream serve around 30 flavours including Cookies and Cream, Pink and Blue Bubblegum, various fruit and various cheesecake flavours, plus old favourites such as vanilla and chocolate.

Speaking of vanilla and chocolate, these were the flavours my little girl and I tried, because I can never go past chocolate and her palate probably can’t handle anything other than vanilla at this stage.

Once you’ve made the difficult decision, now you have the arduous task of choosing how you’d like your ice cream served. You can have it in a kids cup or cone, adult sized cup or cone, or on waffles and pancakes, or even as part of a banana split!

You really can’t go past Simmos ice cream - it’s fresh, creamy and downright delicious. I finished mine with ease....before moving onto my toddlers half eaten cup - best not to waste, after all!

I also enjoyed a tasty cappuccino before we headed to the park for a play. You can sit inside the cafe, out on the street or takeaway your ice cream and coffee.

Eye Scream Cafe is open for breakfast from 8am, and has menu items including eggs on toast, the big breakfast and pancakes, and once breakfast is over the choices include waffles and crepes.

With our sweet treat over and done with, off we went to the playground. Eye Scream Cafe is a great place to enjoy an ice cream as you play or as an after-lunch treat, and is well worth a visit.

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Essential Information
Eye Scream Cafe
1 Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham
Open daily 8am to 5pm
Website: https://www.eyescreamcafe.com

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[INTRO What better way to spend a sunny morning with your pre-schooler than eating ice cream at the beach or playground while you enjoy a coffee at Eye Scream Cafe?]

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