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Essential First Aid Videos You Need Close at Hand

by Shannon Meyerkort (follow)
Senior writer for WeekendNotes and Perth Mums Group. Founder of fundraisingmums.com.au
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August 2016

Even though you may have completed a first aid course in the past, it is always wise to refresh your knowledge and keep essential information close at hand.

This article is based on information supplied by the official St John Ambulance (UK) Facebook page and provides links to the most critical first aid situations for you and your family.

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Please take the time to watch each of the videos to familiarise yourself with the best way to respond to each situation. The videos are no more than a few minutes each. A written summary has also been provided as a prompt in an emergency, but nothing will compare with updated regular first aid training.

Australian emergency numbers:
Fixed and mobile phones, payphone, VoIP: 000
GSM mobile phones: 112
National relay service for hearing or speech impairment: 106
More information

How to help a choking baby: Place baby face down on your lap, five slaps to the back and if that doesnít work, turn over and five chest pumps. If that doesnít work, call an ambulance.
How to help a choking baby video

Burns and scalds: Move away from heat, cool burn under water for at least ten minutes, donít use ice, gels or creams, remove clothes and jewellery near the burn if you can, wrap with cling film/glad wrap to protect from infection. For serious burns, deep burns, burns to hands, face and feet, or if it is larger than the size of their hand call an ambulance.
Burns and scalds video

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Baby CPR: Get someone to call an ambulance, 5 puffs over the mouth and nose, 30 chest pumps with two fingers, then continue with two puffs and 30 pumps until ambulance arrives. (If you are alone give one minute of CPR, then call ambulance, then resume CPR).
Baby CPR video

How to treat a child who has swallowed something dangerous: Try and find out what they swallowed, call ambulance, frequent sips of cool water if their mouth is burning, donít make them vomit but if they do, try and keep some in a plastic bag.
How to help a child who has swallowed something video

How to help a child having a seizure: Do not restrain or move them, move dangerous items away from them, if they are hot or have a temperature open a window or remove blankets, call for an ambulance, place them in recovery position when they stop seizing.
How to help a child having a seizure video

How to spot meningitis: Early signs: flu-like symptoms, cold hands and feet, sore joints and limbs, blotchy and pale skin.
Later on: headache, neck stiffness, drowsiness, vomiting, sensitive to light.
In a baby: floppiness, high pitched moaning, whimpering, bulging spot on top of head.
Call for ambulance, check for rash (spots that donít fade), keep them cool.
How to spot meningitis video

How to put baby in recovery position: Unconscious but breathing, cradle baby against you with their head down, keep checking their breathing, supporting their head and neck, call an ambulance.
How to put baby in recovery position video

How to deal with an asthma attack: Wheezing, distress, coughing, difficulty breathing, distress. Reassure them. If they have an inhaler, ask them to take a couple of puffs and continue 1-2 puffs every minute up to ten puffs. If they do not have an inhaler, it is their first attack or it is severe ask them to breathe slow and deep and call an ambulance.
How to deal with asthma attack video

How to treat a nose bleed: Sit down, lean forward, breath through mouth and squeeze soft part of the nose for ten minutes. Call ambulance if bleed isnít controlled in thirty minutes.
How to treat a nosebleed video

How to treat shock: (Paleness, cold, clammy, shallow breathing, confusion) Lay them down with legs raised, call ambulance, loosen clothing, keep them warm and calm.
How to treat shock video

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14 Apr
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Do you need an updated family photo?
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