‘Dr Seuss’ Playground At Kadidjiny Park, Melville

My daughter and I are discovering unexplored or new playgrounds in Perth at an astonishing rate.

This week, we visited Kadidjiny Park in Melville, which has been nicknamed the ‘Dr Seuss playground’. The playground has been built on the old Melville Primary School grounds, and it’s great to see the space being used for kids.

While it’s not a new playground, given the school has been closed for some time, it has been given a recent makeover, with a lot of the heavy bush replaced with more open natural space and some new play equipment added to the mix.

The ‘Dr Seuss’ playground in Melville.

The playground has gained its Dr Seuss nickname due to the red and white striped poles dotted around the park, which resemble the famous hat worn by the Cat In The Hat character from Dr Seuss’ story.

At the centre of the park are uneven mounds covered in faux grass – great for the kids to run up and down as they are soft enough for falls but they can be a bit steep in parts.

The uneven mounds are placed throughout the park.

There are various pieces of play equipment in the playground, including nature play and sensory play. The equipment includes a giant tripod swing and a roundabout. There’s a climbing frame with a difference, in that it’s made entirely from rope and resembles a spider’s web.

The spider web climbing frame.

There’s also a little boat for kids to sit in, which rocks from side to side and up and down with a bit of force. Most of the play equipment is surrounded by nice soft sand in case of trips or falls. There are a couple of little diggers placed in the sand for kids who love all things mechanics and machinery.

Olivia having a go on the tripod swing.

There’s another area filled with metal musical instruments so the kids can crash, bang and wallop to their hearts content. There are two giant slides in the park and a swing set.

The twisted slide.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids for a picnic, Kadidjiny Park has BBQs and picnic tables, as well as a large shaded area. The park is also fenced off, making it difficult for little wanderers to get too far away.

Kadidjiny Park is located on the corner of Kitchener Road and Curtis Road in Melville. It is certainly a playground with a difference that the kids are sure to love.

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