Churchman Brook Dam Bedfordale

A beautiful picnic spot located in the picturesque Armadale foothills.

In the Armadale foothills lies Churchman Brook Dam, a picturesque, hidden gem that is ideal for a family picnic.

The dam is located in Bedfordale, a semi rural suburb on Armadale’s outskirts and you can get there via Churchman Brook Road.

We recently visited the Dam for a family outing on a public holiday and it seemed as though lots of people had the same idea. There are several undercover picnic areas and gazebos to choose from, along with public barbecues.

You can climb up to the top of the dam and enjoy the views over the parkland. It’s not a particularly strenuous walk, but there are steps and steep areas to navigate - it’s worth it when you get to the top though! You can also drive up to the top, but of course I went the hard way.

The dam was built in the 1920s and remains one of Perth’s main water supplies, although it’s running a little low at the moment. The views are spectacular, either looking out over the dam or over the picnic spots.

Churchman Brook Dam also has a little playground, halfway up between the picnic area and the top of the dam. There is a small play structure with a slide and mini rockers, yet the most appealing feature for children is the unused drain, which now acts as a tunnel for them to climb through. It’s pretty dirty in there, so try not to dress them in their Sunday best when you visit!

There are grassed areas where you can set up the picnic blanket, including some naturally shaded areas. If you have little explorers, take them around the creeks or walking trails around the dams and see what you can find. You might even try your hand at catching tadpoles!

The dam has toilets and plenty of parking. The park closes at 6pm every day from October to April and at 5pm from May to September, although the dam may be closed early during periods of high fire danger.

If you are seeking somewhere a little different to hold a family get together or barbeque, Churchman Brook Dam is worth a visit for the stunning views and lovely fresh air.

Essential Information
Churchman Brook Dam
Churchman Brook Road, Bedfordale
Opening hours: Churchman Brook Dam is open every day of the week until 6pm from October to April and until 5pm from May to September
Cost: Free

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[INTRO In the Armadale foothills lies Churchman Brook Dam, a picturesque, hidden gem that is ideal for a family picnic.]

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