Child Friendly Fitness Classes In Perth

Work out with your children by your side at these child friendly fitness classes.

I’m not taking as much care of myself as I should.

But who can blame me? I have two small kids who are allergic to sleep and a husband who works six days a week.

That leaves little time for little ole me.

So, in an effort to reintroduce my body to fitness, this morning I went to pilates.

With my kids.

Little Lola, 8 months old, and loud Luxton, three years old, my turbo toddler, with a penchant for shouting. Please let that be a phase.

Malissa from BellyFire Pilates welcomed us with open arms. I was grateful to see other kids there and as it was at Lathlain Playgroup, an endless supply of toys. Better still, no open doors for escapees.

[Toy heaven at Lathlain Playgroup. Photo courtesy]

It was easier to juggle mat, baby and todder than I expected although dividing my time meant I was absent for a bit of the class. The baby decided she’d like a breastfeed, thanks mum. Babies. They just don’t care what they interrupt, do they? Then the toddler needed the toilet.

It is by no means quiet, but you wouldn't expect it to be, and you are risking your limbs lying on the floor while small people zoom past you with prams as you “.. take a deep breath now, in and out ..”

The woman next to me had her son on her head for part of the class, as she stretched and pointed her legs, he straddled her neck.

Malissa is not alone in what she offers. Mums with Bubs Fitness not only allows your babes to come along, they’re encouraged to join in.

Founder Jenine offers classes across Perth, from Whitfords to Gosnells. All venues, except her Kings Park one, are enclosed, or as I like to call it, toddler-proof.

I went to Jenine's class at Wembley Community Centre with 8 month old Lola while the turbo toddler was at daycare.

Most of the exercises are modified so your offspring can be involved and Lola came in quite handy as a weight for squats and pelvis lifts.

Jenine from Mums With Bubs Fitness and Lola

Jenine encourages lots of eye contact too, so it’s a bonding experience and lets face it, kids are funny, so there are lots of laughs.

Trying to tell a toddler what to do is as effective as trying to herd cats, but I saw some join in and others use mum as a climbing frame. That's still exercise though, right?

I worked up a sweat and you know what? It felt good.

We all know it's important to stay physically active, especially after a baby. You’ll get those endorphins pumping, reduce stress, improve your mental health and might even meet some mums you'd like to do other things with, apart from sweat.

Plus, you can’t ignore the benefit of your toddler running off steam. Even the baby - did I mention she hates sleep? - snoozed soundly afterwards.

So if the thought of your toddler being a maniac, or your baby losing it, is currently stopping you from exercising, don’t let it.

Below are a few fitness groups who are child friendly, but please get in touch if you know of others and I’ll add them to the list.

BellyFire Pilates
Mums With Bubs Fitness
PhitKit Inglewood
Mums With Prams Fitness Rockingham
Muma Bubs Carine
Mums n Bubs Fitness

For more child-friendly fitness classes as suggested by PMG Facebook group members, read on here.

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[INTRO Finding the time to exercise is soooo much easier when you can take your children to the classes!]

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