Bentley 360 Northern Parklands: Waabiny Park

Bentley 360 Northern Parklands: Waabiny Park

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A fantastic new play space with a variety of equipment and areas that will appeal to children of all ages.

Located just off Manning Road, Bentley 360 Northern Parklands’ Waabiny Park is a great new park and forms a part of the Bentley 360 project, a sustainable and affordable housing project that replaces the old Brownlie Towers. You can read more about the project here .

The Northern Parklands features several distinct play areas, including an outdoor games area, multiple scooter and bike tracks, outdoor classroom and play equipment.

We started with a bit of scooter riding down the path and a play on the outdoor games area. Here you will find a three-way hopscotch, basketball, netball and noughts and crosses. Definitely something I have not see at a playground before!

In this area there is also climbing equipment, although this wasn’t all that suitable for my three year old, so we moved onto the birds nest swing.

The park also has a single flying fox, which is always fun! There are also unusual structures that look like a washing line but I couldn’t work out what these were for. There is plenty of nature play too.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the park is a colourful set of log poles that surround a rope play structure, and is somewhat of a nod to Western Australia’s maritime heritage. The poles contain grooves that help children to step between them, or hammocks to have a lay down!

The racing track is another drawcard for the park. Several children can take part at once and can race against each other on bikes or scooters. There is a start and finish line, plus traffic signs.

If you follow the outdoor games area down the path, you will come to the ‘outdoor classroom’. There is shipping container, although I’m not sure if there is anything inside as it was closed when we visited. On the ground is a map of the world.

There are shaded picnic tables close to the playground, and there are toilets located next to Bentley Library, although this was a bit of a hike from the park, which is not ideal with a toddler in tow. We walked through the park, past the outdoor classroom and past the community centre to get there. Still, a hike to the toilets is better than no toilets at all!

You will also find information about sustainability practises around the playground, including the materials used in building and planting.

The best way to get to the playground is via Taree Road in Bentley. I would recommend the park to parents of children of all ages, although some of the play equipment isn’t particularly suited to all abilities. It is worth exploring if you are looking for a play space with a difference.

Bentley 360 Northern Parklands

WHERE: Taree Road, Bentley

WHEN: Open all year round

AGE GROUP: All ages

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[INTRO Located just off Manning Road, Bentley 360 Northern Parklands’ Waabiny Park is a great new park and forms a part of the Bentley 360 project.]

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