Alternatives To The Boozy Hen’s Night

Alternatives To The Boozy Hen’s Night

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Posted 2017-03-14 by Suefollow
The traditional boozy hen’s night out before a wedding isn’t always everybody’s cup of tea, especially if you have children or are expecting a baby. That’s not to say that mums automatically turn into complete teetotalers once children come along – it’s just that having a hangover with kids around is downright awful. Trust me, I have been there, and it was PAINFUL. There was no slobbing around as per my pre-mum days, with my little girl demanding my attention all day. Never again!

Plus, you may have older relatives who are way past hitting the pubs and nightclubs – some brides might even choose to have a night out and plan something a bit tamer too, just to satisfy all generations and tastes. If you’re thinking of getting married, or have close friends who are, you might be looking for alternatives to the drunken night out with strippers. From pampering days to high tea with a makeover, here are the best alternatives to a boozy hen’s night.

Kitchen Tea

A kitchen tea is an afternoon tea and is similar to a bridal shower, but with more emphasis on the kitchen, in terms of gifts for the bride. It is usually held at the bride’s house around two to three weeks before the wedding, with games, food and drink part of the celebrations. Of course, there are no hard or fast rules for a kitchen tea and you can choose the theme, location and whether or not you would like your guests to bring gifts.

High Tea

Similar to a kitchen tea, high tea is usually held mid-afternoon but in Australia, there is a big tendency to attend high tea at an external venue, such as a hotel or café. The menu usually consists of sandwiches, scones, delicate sweets and of course tea. Most will offer the option of a cheeky glass of sparkling wine. You can even have a high tea while taking a cruise down the Swan River , or for something a little different, check out Illusions Makeover Studio which combines high tea with a makeover.

For a list of places to enjoy high tea in Perth, read on here .

Day Spa Treatment

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so checking into a day spa for a bit of pampering might be the way to go for the bride and her closest friends. Every day spa offers different treatments, but you can enjoy a massage, hydrotherapy, facial treatment and much more to help the bride relax before the big day.

Gold Class Cinema

Everyone loves a good movie, and it’s even better in the comfort of Gold Class. The food and drink is delivered to you and for those who like a drink, you can enjoy a wine or spirits from the comfort of your plush seat.

Image: Hoyts Australia Facebook page.

Plan a favourite activity of the bride

Why not indulge in one of the bride’s favourite passions, such as a cooking or patisserie class, go horseriding through the Perth hills or take a photography or drawing class – anything that the bride loves to do.

Do something a bit different

If you want to try something really different, why not try an Escape Room Experience , try a chocolate tasting walking tour through Foodi , go paintballing – just be sure to plan something the bride is sure to enjoy. It is, after all, her special day before all eyes are on her at the wedding.

Image: Foodi Perth Facebook.

You can still have a great hen's day or night but without the awful hangover the next day. There are loads of options in and around Perth to suit everyone's budget and taste that don't involve drinking too much...or strippers.

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