2 Greenfingers Cafe and Webber Reserve, Willagee

What more can parents ask for than great coffee with a nature park right across the road? It’s a win-win, and 2 Greenfingers speciality café in Willagee, in Perth’s southern suburbs, has set up shop in the perfect location for parents and coffee-lovers alike.

This new café specialises in wholesome and raw foods, and offer a range of salads, toasties, patties and raw treats, plus baked goods. I stopped by with my daughter after her swimming lesson, as I wanted to check out the playground and grab a coffee and a snack. All that singing in the pool makes me hungry.

My first impression was that it wasn’t all that child-friendly, but on closer inspection, we discovered a box full of toys, books to read and plenty of space for prams to park up. There are no high chairs available, but the box of toys and playground across the street more than makes up for that.

I can rarely go past banana bread as a mid-morning snack, but this was banana and passionfruit, which sounded a bit exotic, so I thought I’d give it a go. There’s a cabinet full of colourful and super-healthy looking salads, or you can order from the menu. There didn't seem to be a dedicated kids menu, but they serve a selection of wraps, sandwiches and rolls that would be suitable for kids.

Olivia and I had a look at the small range of homemade groceries available for purchase, before Olivia decided she would throw all the toys from the box on the floor. Our banana and passionfruit bread and coffee arrived quickly, so we packed up the toys (ok – I packed up the toys) and moved along hastily.

The banana bread came out lightly toasted and it was super tasty. It was moist but crispy, with little hints of passionfruit. It didn’t last long before Olivia was out the door, keen to check out the playground.

The nature playground is located at Webber Reserve on Hodge Street. It’s quite different to any other playground I’ve seen, with lots of log steps, ropes and natural elements for kids to explore. It’s on a fairly steep slope and the park elements are built up the slope, just to add another adventure to the dimension.

There are log structures to climb under, plus large logs and steps to climb on and over. It’s a great space for kids who love to climb at home, and they will love the additional sloping element.

There are a few hard surfaces, so keep an eye on the younger kids to make sure they don’t bump heads and body parts along the way. The park is covered in sand and mulch. There are numerous shady spots, plus there is another small playground a very short walk away. The reserve is an active sporting field, so there’s plenty of space for the kids to run around. There is parking around the reserve.

2 Greenfingers and Webber Reserve have been a great little find for us and no doubt we'll soon be back for another snack after swimming.

Essential Information
2 Greenfingers
Address: 96 Bawden Street, Willagee
Phone: 0414 214 816
Website: Facebook.com

Webber Reserve
Address:Webber Street, Willagee
Website: www.parkleisure.com.au

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